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Take a step today to change your tomorrow

life changers

Mortgage Development Coaching

  • Educate

  • Equip 

  • Give insight and understanding

  • Strategies

  • Structure

  • Tools

  • Learn to utilize the banks facilities to your advantage.

We provide a service where we teach and educate our clients how it is possible to save hundreds of thousands of dollars of mortgage interest and years off their mortgage loan time frames.

No gimmicks, just solid strategic 

structuring, tools and facts.

If you would like more information on how life changers could help you to be positioned to see similar results that our clients are achieving and to get you on your road, to financial freedom. 

Contact:  PH: 0064-272202062

When you invest in the  life changers

programme, do you realise how much you

 are investing into your

life - your family - and your future?

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Take a step today to change your tomorrow.

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OUR VISION: To journey with clients

taking them into a place of financial freedom. To see their dreams, desires  and goals become a reality.


Welcome to life changers LTD


Lucinda Barnett

Director/Founder of life changers LTD.





"Become the Master of your money and not the Slave to it."

Disclaimer: life changers LTD are Mortgage Development Coaches. We are not mortgage brokers, financial advisers, budget advisers. We work specifically to   teach and coach our clients giving them the information to understand facilities the banks have, to make these facilities work in the interest of the client and to the client's advantage.

Since the late 1990's I have personally used different banking systems. I have studied the dynamics and strategies of what really makes these systems superior to...

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What our clients have to say matters. Their view on our service and the support we have provided to our clients is important for our future clients to know.


The requirement for a projection is for life changers to better and fully understand your actual financial position and your mortgage situation.

Determine attainable possibilities, goals, life-stage requirements and changing circumstances. life changers requires this information to be able to give you the most accurate projection for you.


life changers  PROGRAMME

life changers takes you on a journey of doing your mortgage very different to the normal.

We look at the full structuring of your loan to utilize all what the banks have on offer. 

We teach and coach you through each step along the way so you become empowered and understand each facility to have it working to your advantage. 

life changers

Mortgage Development Seminar.


Find out when our next seminar will be, this is a very unique opportunity and one not to be missed.

life changers has begun  two very powerful teaching seminars. Our Mortgage Development Seminar is for those of you who already have your mortgage but would like to discover what life changers does differently for our...

life changers

First Home Buyer Seminar


life changers First Home Buyers Seminar is very unique in where we take you from the beginning to the end of all...

Find out when our next seminar will be, this seminar is a unique opportunity, if you are thinking of buying a home I would highly recommend you attend. 



Mortgage Comparison between:

  • Standard table mortgage. (Principal and Interest Mortgage)

  • Revolving credit, mortgage reduction, debt reduction, line of credit or offset account facility.


  • Load- track- monitor your budget.

  • Calculate your revolving credit mortgage suitability.

  • Get a projection of your actual situation.

  • Graphs/Tables giving your personal results.

  • See where you currently are to where you could be.

  • Recognize your actual day to day living situation.

  • All in the palm of your hand.

Copyright life changers LTD 2018

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