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Since the late 1990's I have personally used different banking systems. I have studied the dynamics and strategies of what really makes these systems, superior to standard principal and interest loans.

By mastering these systems I recognized 

there was a need for others to have an opportunity to learn to do the same.

These systems are great when used correctly but can be very damaging if not. The lack of understanding and support is where many people fall over.

Through recognizing a lack of support and education available, I have created the 

life changers  programme to be able to coach and teach others to also master these systems and set themselves up for a future of financial freedom.

life changers has its iPhone and 

Android apps on the market which gives you your own personal mortgage 

calculator right in the palm of your hand.

You will be able to do your own mortgage projections. See where you currently are and what could be possible for you by utilizing different banking systems.

life changers  was established in 2009 and has been successful in helping many people to achieve their desired goals and dreams.


Welcome to life changers LTD

Lucinda Barnett

Director/founder of life changers LTD.




Become the Master of your money and not the Slave to it."

Disclaimer: life changers LTD are Mortgage Development Coaches. We are not mortgage brokers, financial advisers, budget advisers. We work specifically to teach and coach our clients giving them the information to understand facilities the banks have, to make these facilities work in the interest of the client and to the clients advantage.

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Copyright life changers LTD 2018

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