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life changers

Mortgage Development Seminar

life changers

First Home Buyers Seminar


Our Mortgage Development Seminar is for those of you who already have a mortgage but would like to discover what life changers does differently for our clients, to be able to have the opportunity to achieve the results our clients are having.

You will be given full exposure to the life changers programme, with all the

keys, strategies and tool we teach and work with, with our clients.

We will be covering every aspect of the mortgage process so you can see the relevance of each part and the importance to know how you can use each part to your advantage.

How you could potentially save similar to the saving that our clients are actually achieving, by the way we would structure their loans and the why's behind each specific detail.

We will be going through an actual realistic projection and will take you through each step off this as to how and why we would structure this mortgage the way we would, to achieve the projected results.

You should leave with a greater insight as to what you should be able to achieve within your own circumstance. You also get to take with you the comprehensive 

manual of what will be covered in the seminar for you to be able to refer back to at any time.

This is a very unique teaching and rarely available.

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Our First Home Buyers Seminar is very unique in where we take you from the beginning to the end of all the important information and processes you should know and be aware of when looking to buy your first home.

This has been developed through the awareness of the traps many have fallen prey to due to not having the fullness of information available.

With having the opportunity to work with many young couple over the years I had come to realise there is lots of information out there, and also a lot of confusion.

Buying a house is one of the biggest investment we make during the course of our lives. Often purchasing and upsizing or downsizing several times, later also often getting into investment properties.

Being informed of all what is important and the need to know information could, potentially save you thousands of dollars in incorrect choices and decision or advice, though lack of knowledge or awareness of the way properties are and can be sold.

We will also be teaching you and taking you through the life changers  

Mortgage Development Programme that we work with, with our clients. This will be incorporated as part of this seminar.


"Learning these tools and keys will set you up from the offset with

greater possibilities for your future."

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