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Client/clients hereby agree to proceed with life changers programme.

I/We agree that we have viewed the projection results and now wish to proceed with the life changers programme. We understand that this is hypothetical in nature and is intended to help me/us in making decisions on my/our financial future based on the information I/we have provided to life changers.

Projection and results are based on information I/we have provided to life changers. I/We also agree to not hold life changers liable in any way due to the actual results that I/We achieve. Any inaccuracy in implementing all suggestions and advice given to the best of life changers ability is in no way a reflection of life changers.

All reasonable effort to implement all strategies are my/our responsibility to the overall outcome of the life changers

programme. life changers are information providers and Mortgage Development Coaches and it is up to Me/Us the client/clients as to the success of the life changers programme and the implementation thereof.

They do not reflect the actual result (these will be determined as to my/our input into the programme) and are not guarantees of future results, I/We understand the assumption associated with it.


I/We in agreeing to proceed with life changers programme I/We agreed to now proceed with the full life changers programme understand the fee is now payable. I/We understand the life changers programme will then and only then enter into full discussion of all the possibilities, implementation, strategies, techniques, teaching, coaching and all the keys required for the success of this type of facility. 

life changers do not advise on any area of legal, accounting or tax matters this is the sole responsibility of the client/clients. I/We the client have read and fully understand all the Terms and Conditions documentation and this now becomes the conditional contract to proceed with the life changers programme between I/We the client/clients and life changers.

By agreeing to the life changers programme box on the online form this then becomes a conditional contract. (Once the projection has been viewed.)

To now proceed with the life changers programme this can be a direct debit payment to:life changers 02-0816-0105892-083.

(You will of been informed of the amount of this fee after discussions of the projection results. The stage 2 programme fee varies and individual to each client)

Disclaimer: life changers are Mortgage Development Coaches. We are not mortgage brokers, financial advisers, budget advisers. We work specifically to teach and coach our clients giving them information to understand facilities the banks have, to make these facilities work in the interest of the client and to the client's advantage.

Copyright life changers LTD 2018

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