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Life Changers takes you on a journey of doing your mortgage very different to the normal.

We look at the full structuring of your loan to utilize all what the banks have on offer. We structure with you, your loan by using every facility that's available on offer to save you dollars that you are currently paying in interest to the bank.

We teach and coach you through each step along the way so you become empowered and understand each facility to have it working to your advantage. Every dollar you are not paying in interest to the bank becomes a potential principal dollar you can pay of your loan.

Why is it important for you to fully understand the facilities on offer?

You then request the best structure for your circumstances, whats best for you, where you can save money and become debt free faster to do the things you would like to do and not just accept what you are told would be the best set up for you... The banks are there to make money, that is the interest from you.


Now don't get me wrong, we are not anti-banks, quite the opposite. We work very closely with the bank and have built very good relationships. The bank sees the achievements our clients are making and support our clients fully.

Why: Because you become a very valuable customer. The banks see the potential of future borrowing as you progress and will work with you to see you achieve your future plans.

Our Goal: Is to position you into achieving this. You will be amazed as to what the banks will offer you. 

We have recently had a client we shifted to another bank  They had only been with the bank for a year, saw an opportunity for an investment property, rang the bank as the auction was that day, ask if they could borrow ex amount of dollars and could the bank confirm the deposit would be available that day to pay at the auction if they won with their offer.

Within 2.5 hours it was fully pre-approved. 

(Please Note:We will not change you to another bank unless it is absolutely necessary, remember we are paid by the client and not the bank, so there is no underlying incentive for us to shift you.) 

Empowered people have opportunities to achieve greater things and see there goals and dreams become a reality.

This is what Life Changers does, it is journeying with you to see your goals and dreams become a reality.

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