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Mortgage Comparison between:

  • Standard table mortgage. (Principal and Interest Mortgage)

  • Revolving credit, mortgage reduction, debt reduction, line of credit or offset account facility.


  • Load- track- monitor your budget.

  • Calculate your revolving credit mortgage suitability.

  • Get a projection of your actual situation.

  • Graphs/Tables giving your personal results.

  • See where you currently are to where you could be.

  • Recognize your actual day to day living situation.

  • All in the palm of your hand.

Disclaimer: Please note;  App calculation tool is not life changers programme. life changer  programme is totally independent from the life changers App. life changers App is not a replica of the life changers  programme. life changers

App does not have the facility of the coaching, teaching of operation of a revolving credit facility and assistance of the faculty which life changers programme has, nor the one on one personal support. The life changers App has been designed to give you the opportunity to get insight, be able to do scenarios of what a revolving credit mortgage could do for you. All projections are a guide only and only as accurate as the information which has been loaded onto it. No responsibility or liability will be taken by life changers for information loaded on to the application, nor the outcome of results. This is solely the responsibility of the app user.


life changers iPHONE and ANDROID

has been created to give you this opportunity.

Revolving credit facilities are great when used correctly.

You will be able to see comparisons on how using revolving credit can be to your advantage.

It is very exciting when you see your Mortgage reducing and knowing you are in control of your Financial Freedom.

Copyright life changers LTD 2018

Owning this app is a must if you have a mortgage.You can have your own personal calculator all in the palm of your hand where you can monitor and track your progress.

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