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  • A projection of your current situation (required).

  • Discuss and review the projection results in detail with you.

  • We will discuss with you your current mortgage structure.

  • Your actual life situation, what’s happening for you.

  • Establish a plan pertaining to the discussions with you in regard to your circumstances from the projection results.

  • Strategic information, tools, working with you step by step.

  • Coach, educate and guide you through each process.

  • After the initial projection, discussions, start off and set up we give you support over a twelve- month period or longer if required. Each month 

      or as and when required. This is customized              for each client as each clients circumstances and

      requirements are unique.

  • Ensure you have full understanding of the programme and all the tool for your success.

  • We journey with you through the whole transitional process. You are learning a new way of mortgage banking and each client is individual so we work uniquely with you.

Your hard earned income should be available for you to create a lifestyle of independence, fulfilling your dreams and desires.

Our Vision and Purpose is to come alongside you and coach you through 

the process to see this happen for you. (This takes time and becomes a journey with you.)

Please note a projection is required before we can proceed with the life changers programme. This tells us your actual situation and the possibilities there are for you. 

We gain a clearer, true to life understanding of your actual circumstances. This is a very detailed process on our part to be able to give you the most accurate result from the information you have supplied. life changers is a 2-stage process with the projection being stage 1 and followed by the programme as stage 2, this will be discussed with you.

For more information with regards to having a projection done and life changers programme

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