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What our clients say matters. Your view on our service and the support we have provided is important for our future clients to see what you have to say.


Martin & Tina
Auckland. NZ


The amazing revolving credit mortgage set up for us, with the knowledge to give us the tools to get started and the follow up support, has allowed us to freehold our first home, move and buy a second home.

Now with rental income we are freehold on both houses, in the same time frame as the bank had predicted for us to pay off the first one.

You will never make a decision in life which is more beneficial to you than choosing this mortgage system, with the support of Life Changers coach Lucinda.

As you proceed, you find the financial results are very self-motivating. Now freehold and with rental income an early retirement is the next plan.



R and A Nicholson.



The Life Changers App has been fantastic to use. It has helped us to make smart money choices and has enabled us to better understand our mortgage.


It firstly allowed us to compare different interest rates when we were looking to refinance our mortgage. It allowed us to compare different interest rates being offered and see how this would affect how quickly we could pay back our mortgage and the overall interest we would save. By having this information, we were then able to select the best provider to refinance our mortgage with.

I think this app is fantastic and a must for anyone wanting to keep track of their mortgage and see how their choices effect how quickly you can have your mortgage paid back and completely own your home.

We also contacted Life Changer Ltd and sort their expertise to coach us to how to set up our mortgage to our best advantage and coach us to then make it work. 30-year mortgage reduced to 11, saving us $365k, includes our 2-month overseas trip. We have also calculated in other plans we have and can see how they can unfold.

We love how we are able to put in our actual real life budget and see how this affects your mortgage. This feature is fantastic, as it has allowed us to plan for special events and see how these effect our mortgage. EG: our wedding, overseas trip, to see what we plan to spend and how it will effect the overall time frame.

Also, it allows us to see if we increase our income or sell something how this extra money goes into affect.

It allows you to see how much quicker you can become freehold.


R and B Davies

Christchurch. New Zealand


Lucinda has a knack for figures like no one else I know and helped my husband & I understand revolving/fixed mortgages and how to make them work for our needs when we hadn't a clue.


She took us through the steps necessary and worked with us to make it happen. No question was a wrong one to ask her. We highly recommend her to others who want to take charge of their mortgage debt, Lucinda will steer you in the right direction.



Kerry and Irene's 

Christchurch NZ



J and R

Christchurch. NZ


We employed Lucinda to assist us in 2000. We were in very bad financial shape and two weeks off a possible mortgagee sale. A work colleague told us about Lucinda and said she may be able to help you. We thought, well we sure have nothing left to lose.


Lucinda was fantastic. She is straight up, she said things do not look good and constructed a plan for us. She really does genuinely care about people. We had so much debt all around us besides the mortgage.

Lucinda went with us to the bank manager, showed him the plan she had put together, then worked with us for seven months before we could even look at dealing with the mortgage side of our mess.

The bank did not foreclose on us thankfully, they saw that by doing what Lucinda had put together was working. Lucinda worked all the way through with us. We then restructured our mortgage within the facility and bank we were with. Again Lucinda helped us with this. Lucinda was all about our best interests and saving us whatever she could. She worked with what we had, because if we had to shift banks it would have cost us a lot to do so.

Lucinda asked us, what was one of our dreams, which we thought was very weird, in our financial mess dreaming didn't seem that possible, or much point. We are bikers, so said to own a Harley Davison motorbike. I (hubby here) thought this woman's crazy. But she wasn't, in 2 years from meeting this lady we paid $22k cash for our Harley Davidson.

We have our house, a happier marriage and our two children are happier. They saw the cracks in our lives and we never saw how sad they were just because of our battle. Within the first two months, we saw the kids were just happier because Lucinda showed us there was hope somewhere in our mess, and showed us how to make it happen. Thank you.

(From Life Changers Ltd: These clients were such a pleasure to work with. They pushed through all odds and put everything into place that I showed them. There were tears and lots of joy within months as life turned around for them. So proud of you both, you did this, you just needed some keys and coaching

which you were willing to take.)

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